Maximilien and Eléonore - The Robespierre Project

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Maximilien Robespierre and Eléonore Duplay have been constantly slandered by their enemies. It´s all from the instigators of the coup who executed Maximilien to Eléonore´s jealous sister-in -law. The instigators of the coup were as responsible for the Reign of Terror but blamed him alone for the politics. He has sometimes been compared with his careless brother, who he also criticized and wasn´t responsible for. Often he has also been blamed for the decisions from Antoine Saint-Just, the apprentice who exceeded the master when his health got worse.

Maximilien and Eléonore got married according to a Supreme Being ceremony, something the Catholic church had against the widow because it wasn´t their ritual.

The opinion has partly been changed and also the description of Maximilien and Eléonore but a lot remains before they obtain the justice they deserve. Maximilien should be celebrated for the wonderful mystics he also was. They´ve got some credit for also being a poet and an artist.

The author, who´s a faithful supporter, is working on writing and researching for the novel ¨Maximilien and Eléonore¨ and describes their relationship and their passion for the French revolution and each other.