The Duboix Family

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Kejsarens soldater (The Emperor´s soldiers)
I Revolutionens namn (In Name of the Revolution)








¨ The Duboix Family¨ is a family chronicle which describes their experiences during the French revolution and the Napoleon wars.

¨I Revolutionens namn¨ (¨In name of the Revolution¨) tells about Armand Duboix's experiences during the French revolution. He experiences how the revolution starts with good ideals and need for reforms, but soon turns into an internal struggle for power. He takes part in the storming of the Bastille, and in the Revolutionary army. Armand's family is differently affected during the revolution. His brother Jérôme is a fanatic supporter of Marat and totally controlled by the propaganda. After oblivious having contributed to Marat's death he enrolls in the Revolutionary army, where he becomes the political commissaries' helper. His sister Nichole takes part in the women's' march to Versailles but is politically naive. Her husband, Alistair Ledoyen, works against the revolutions' bad manifestations and is executed. Finally Armand's nephew Jules, who admires Napoleon, returns,  as cadet at the War Academy.

¨Kejsarens soldater¨ (¨The Emperor's soldiers¨) tells about Armand's nephew Jules Duboix's experiences during the Napoleon wars. He experiences that the propaganda which is presented to the cadets isn't equivalent to the reality in the field. As newly examined and newlywed Jules is sent to the front line. To his shock he gets Armand's revolutionary comrade-in-arms, Paul Cardin, as regimental commander. Cardin is a cynic and the opposite to the idealist Jules. Unexpectedly Cardin appoints Jules his new adjutant. Despite their differences Jules and Cardin gets to have a lot in common, and during the Russian campaign Cardin saves Jules's life. Life in the field consists of both friendship and hostility. Beyond the propaganda no idealism exists in practice. Jules misses his wife Roxanne, and later also his son Gilbert. He returns as Cardin's successor as regimental commander, and the going back to a partially civilian life isn't as easy as he wished.

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